Wenn Sie in Deutschland / Köln einen AutoCAD Kurs besuchen wollen und dafür einen Partner suchen, können Sie sich gerne bei uns melden. Wir beraten Sie gerne. Sie können durch uns folgende Kurse besuchen

Safe handling of foreign languages ​​in private and business situations prevented unnecessary misunderstandings and bring them optimally week. Mastery of at least one foreign language is nowadays in almost all occupations as well as in everyday life is a must. With the language courses with us or one of our partners, you can quickly and easily learn a new language or deepen existing knowledge.

We offer for those who want to learn German, various price options in various levels in Germany.
We also offer you to learn the Turkish language in Germany and in Turkey the opportunity. We organize language courses, host families, apartments and advise you about the country and people.
If you are a German course in Turkey or want to visit a Turkish course in Germany, we look forward to hearing from you.